IRT Jules Verne relies on all its resources and expertise to offer industrialists personalised support in the fields of composite processes, additive manufacturing, robotics and cobotics, and simulation and characterisation.



Personalised support of IRT Jules Verne in the field of Composite Material Processes


  • Support for the deployment of new composite forming processes:
    o thermoplastic: injection, overmoulding, stamping
    o thermoset: Resine Transfer Moulding, infusion


  • Design of multi-material structures, functionalisation


Our equipment in this domain:

  • 1300 tons robotised injection moulding machine with bi-injection device + infrared oven
  • 200 tons robotised vertical press + infrared oven
  • 300 litres 2k thermoset injection machine
  • Tailored Fiber Placement Machine


IRT Jules Verne relies on a privileged partnership with the Airbus Technocentre to offer you an even richer and more varied offer, adapted to your needs.



Personalised support of IRT Jules Verne in the field of Additive Manufacturing


  • Topological optimisation
  • Redesign of parts
  • Development of process parameters


Our equipment and materials in this domain:

  • 3D laser printer: metal/polymer powder
  • 3D binder jetting printer: sand/ceramic
  • 3D wire/filament printers: TIG, MIG, FFF
  • Metal materials: aluminium, titanium, steel, etc…
  • Other materials: PEEK and PEKK polymers reinforced with short carbon fiber, etc… 



Personalised support of IRT Jules Verne in the field of Robotics & Cobotics


  • Control of robots and mobile platforms
  • Design and deployment of mobility solutions in industrial environments
  • Enhancing worksation ergonomics & operator assistance


Our equipment in this domain:

  • Cobot arms
  • Omni-directional mobile platforms
  • Welding robots
  • Geolocation sensors
  • Cable-driven parallel robot (7m x 4m x 3m)



Personalised support of IRT Jules Verne in the field of simulation et and characterisation


  • Development and characterisation of material behaviour properties
  • Simulation and optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Reliability and tolerance analysis
  • Simulation of structures under operational conditions and experimental validation
  • Evaluation and analysis of damage mechanisms
  • Noise and vibration control of structures


Our equipment in this domain:

  • Large multi-actuator bench for static and fatigue tests
  • RoboVib®: 3D Scanning Vibrometer Robot
  • Metrology
  • Process control, NDT & SHM
  • Simulation platform



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