The IRT Jules Verne Characterisation, Monitoring and Control team aims to develop methods and resources to improve process performance and monitoring of structures in operational environments. Drawing on technologies either in existence or else in the advanced stages of development, it integrates the measurement methods best suited to industrial realities and the processes involved and carries out data analysis on them.


Validation of concepts through structures characterisation

The characterisation of innovative structures and materials allows validation of concept as well as models by means of a continuous test-calculation dialogue. To this end, realistic conditions (mechanical loading, temperature-controlled environment, moisture) are reproduced in the laboratory on our equipment for structures ranging from test coupons to full size. The aim of these tests is to understand how different materials or multi-material assemblies perform and undergo deterioration.


Monitoring of processes

The goal here is to ensure optimisation of production through monitoring and control procedures

IRT Jules Verne identifies the characteristic sizes and the means of measurement and analysis to be used for processes and/or tools in order to optimise production. This monitoring is coupled with various forms of metrology, ranging from traditional sensors integrated in industrial equipment to the adaptation of non-destructive in-situ control processes. Real-time tracking of statistical descriptors enables corrective actions to be undertaken on process parameters in order to optimise production performance.


Monitoring of structures

Monitoring and control of the health of structures under operational conditions

The IRT Jules Verne team of experts uses measurement technologies to track defects and damage during use of structures, in particular to improve predictive maintenance.
Inclusion of the monitoring system (sensor and electronics) directly into a structure allows self-diagnosis over time, thereby reducing the need for maintenance at set intervals.


Working in collaboration with other IRT Jules Verne experts

Engineers and doctors specializing in characterisation, monitoring and control work in close collaboration with all the other expert teams at IRT Jules Verne to provide comprehensive solutions to manufacturers’ problems.


Our areas of expertise

  • Mechanical behaviour of materials, structures and assemblies
    • Determination of complex behavioural parameters to be introduced into simulations
    • Validation of simulations using full-size structures
    • Innovative solutions to ensure comfortable sound and vibration levels


  • Complete mastery of composites and metal manufacturing processes
    • Implementation of drift and incident alerts
    • Full automation of process parameters
    • Integration of non-destructive control into processes


  • Identification of defects and damage
    • Quality of component parts and product assembly
    • Damage kinematics


Our services and applications

  • Measurement and determination of actual loading situations in the field
  • Reproduction on the test bench of complex loading situations and measurements on real structures
  • Understanding the mechanical behaviour of structures and parts under actual loading conditions
  • Instrumentation, analysis and implementation of process control resources
  • Monitoring of process health status via monitoring and statistical analysis
  • Screening for specific defects/damage within structures


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