Innovative metal processes can address industrial challenges of improving product performance, lightening structures, reducing cycle times and mastering processes. IRT Jules Verne strives to transform metal processes developed in the laboratory into mature processes ready for industrial applications.

Developing new metal processes

The metal process team focuses on forming, solid- and liquid-phase welding, and additive manufacturing processes. The objectives are both to develop new processes for forming metal materials and to adapt processes for innovative metal materials (high-elastic limit [HEL] steels, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, etc.) through close collaboration with manufacturers, whether large groups or SMEs, and academic partners.


Responding to reliability and ramp-up constraints

IRT Jules Verne’s work on metal processes is based both on an excellent understanding of the parameters affecting processes, the development of such processes for the manufacture of large individual and complex parts, and their robustness for industrial use. All process research takes into account of reliability and ramp-up constraints within industrial settings.


Working in collaboration with other IRT Jules Verne experts

IRT Jules Verne’s metal process team, comprising engineers and doctors, works hand-in-hand with IRT Jules Verne teams specializing in characterisation, modelling and simulation in order to offer the most comprehensive solutions for each application.


Our areas of expertise

  • Superplastic forming
  • Combined high-temperature & superplastic forming
  • High energy-rate forming
  • Friction stir welding
  • Linear friction welding
  • Powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing
  • Wire-feed additive manufacturing of prototypes


Our services and applications

  • Equipment use
  • Feasibility studies and POC (proof of concept)
  • Technical-economic analysis
  • Integrated product/process design
  • Development of demonstrators and prototypes
  • Process parameters optimisation


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