Jules Verne Institute aims to develop innovative technological solutions with its industrial and academic partners. Collaborative R&D projects are at the heart of theinsitute’ strategy and aim to meet industrial needs. Undertaking an R&D project with the Jules Verne Institute allows to contribute to the competitiveness of factories in France. 


Our process 

  • Identification of the innovation needs of industrial partners 
  • Definition of the content of the project (objectives, challenges, developments)
  • Consortium construction
  • Budget construction and financing
  • Launch of the project 
  • Project implementation with partners, regular monitoring and reporting throughout the project


Our advantages 

  • Get a response adapted to your needs
  • Ensure agile and flexible project management
  • Access to high-level and multi-disciplinary skills
  • Pooling the skills of industrial and academic partners
  • Promote technology transfer at the end of the project 



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