Monitoring, Inspection & process Control

Develop methods and resources to improve manufacturing process performance, product quality and health monitoring of structures in operational environments

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Our areas of expertise

  • Process & Structure monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing automation
  • Advanced data analysis

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  • Process & Structure monitoring
  • Non-destructive testing automation
  • Advanced data analysis

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  • Process and structural inspection and monitoring equipment

  • Multi-technique robotized NDT platform (US, IR, VISUAL, CF)

  • Mobile, autonomous and cobotized NDT platform

  • Large multi-axis test bench (4 axes)

More about Monitoring, Inspection & process Control Expertise at IRT Jules Verne


IRT Jules Verne Monitoring, Inspection & process Control team aims to develop methods and resources to improve the performance and quality of manufacturing processes and the monitoring of structures in operational environments. Based on existing technologies or technologies in advanced development, the team integrates the measurement methods best suited to industrial realities, the processes involved, and the structures (SHM), and carries out data analysis on them to ensure quality.


The characterisation of innovative structures and materials allows the validation of concept and models by means of a continuous test-calculation dialogue. To this end, realistic conditions (mechanical loading, temperature-controlled environment, moisture) are reproduced in the laboratory on our equipment for structures ranging from test coupons to full-size structures. The aim of these tests is to understand how different materials or multi-material assemblies perform and undergo deterioration.


IRT Jules Verne identifies the characteristic sizes and the means of measurement and analysis to be used for processes and/or tools in order to optimise production. This monitoring is coupled with various forms of metrology, ranging from traditional sensors integrated in industrial equipment to the adaptation of non-destructive in-situ control processes. Real-time tracking of statistical descriptors enables corrective actions to be undertaken on process parameters in order to optimise production performance.



IRT Jules Verne team of experts uses measurement technologies to track defects and damages of operating structures, in particular to improve predictive maintenance. The integration of monitoring systems (sensor and electronics) directly into a structure allows self-diagnosis over time, thereby reducing the need for maintenance at set intervals.


Engineers and experts specialized in characterisation, monitoring and control work in close collaboration with all the other expert teams at IRT Jules Verne to provide comprehensive solutions to manufacturers’ problems.


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