In manufacturing facilities, many repetitive tasks are today carried out manually, with the operator providing no real added value (screw tightening, assembly, etc.). Competitiveness of factories as well as improved working conditions for operators may be achieved by automation of such tasks, through the development of robotic solutions, a field that is currently developing thanks to the emergence of collaborative robots or “cobots”. Their introduction and utilisation in factories requires further progress in terms of the productivity and flexibility that these means can provide. 


This project is aimed at developing a mobile cobot designed to carry out handling and assembly operations at production facilities within different industries: automotive, energy, aerospace and naval. The aim of the developments in question is to combine safety for operators with productivity and flexibility concerning the operations to be performed. 



With very promising results on all the applications studied, MASCOT is already seeing good prospects for technology development and transfer to several industrial sectors on the technological bricks developed during these 3 years of research.


The Jules Verne IRT will therefore open its 2019 year with new projects directly from MASCOT with a single objective in mind: industrialisation!