Research at IRT Jules Verne focuses on topics aimed at short- and medium-term market opportunities. Its core business is the development of generic and multi-sector technological bricks in three key areas:

  • Integrated product/process design: bringing to the fore innovative technological concepts that ensure the best balance between the functional performance criteria of products and the operational performance of processes allowing for their respective constraints and potential.
  • Process innovation: developing new technologies for the implementation or assembly of composite, metal and multi-material hybrids aimed at reducing costs or ramping up production. Such development is based on the modified use of processes employed in other sectors, on the study of as-yet relatively immature technologies such as additive manufacturing, on the hybridization of existing processes while taking into account function integration issues, and on the integration of digital approaches to the solutions being studied.
  • Flexible and intelligent production systems: developing or adapting autonomous intelligent tools in the areas of production and control capable of improving the productivity, flexibility, agility and performance of production systems while ensuring that people remain firmly at the core of such developments.


To contribute to these 3 research areas, IRT Jules Verne concentrates its research activities around 5 cross-sectional R&D themes to overcome identified hurdles within a given field:


• Mobility in the industrial environment   • Manufacturing flexibility   • Assembly and joining technologies   • Forming and preforming processes   • Additive manufacturing processes