Innovative composites processes enable manufacturers to respond to the challenges of reducing the weight of structures and manufacturing complex structures. In particular, the IRT Jules Verne develops solutions that enable the automation of composites processes with a desire to optimise cost and performance at the same time.

A team with a strong industrial background

The team dedicated to composites processes is based on a strong background in industry and provides a good mix of industrial profiles, notably from the aeronautical and automotive sectors, and academic profiles. This complementarity and the multi-disciplinary approach it affords allow IRT Jules Verne to offer a complete range of solutions, from raw materials to the part or the structure as a whole, through to recycling.

Improved performance, cost and production rates

In its work on composite materials processes, IRT Jules Verne strives to match product design and implementation process to achieve the performance, costs and production rates required by manufacturers. The Composite Processes team focuses on preforming for thermoplastic and thermoset dies and manufacturing thermoplastic parts and on structures with fiberglass or carbon reinforcements. It works on industrial demonstrators up to scale 1.

Collaboration with the other teams of experts at the IRT Jules Verne

Engineers and doctors dedicated to the development of innovative composites processes work in close collaboration with other IRT Jules Verne teams specialising in characterisation, modelling, simulation and robotics in order to propose comprehensive solutions for each industrial problem.


Our areas of expertise

  • Process-oriented preforming technology (dry and pre-impregnated preforms)
  • Integration of functions into preforms for operational performance data on products
  • RTM and infusion processes for shaping dry preforms
  • Shaping processes for pre-impregnated preforms involving stamping and compression
  • Process hybridisation solutions
  • Development of solvolysis recycling technologies
  • Forming processes for recycled materials
  • Assembly technologies through welding and bonding 


Services and applications

  • Feasibility studies and proof of concept
  • Validation and sizing of composite structures
  • Development of pre-industrial pilot lines
  • Test runs and production of demonstrators
  • Assistance during roll-out of new processes
  • Optimisation of existing composites processes


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