Modelling and simulation provide information on the behaviour of industrial structures and processes prior to implementation. In the search for increased competitiveness of industrial equipment, the models developed provide qualified data to facilitate technical and managerial decision-making, thereby reducing development time and costs.

Modelling and simulation of structures and processes

The strong digital background of the IRT Jules Verne Modelling and Simulation team, coupled with its multi-disciplinary approach, allows us to bring a fresh perspective to our sample modelling and simulation services right through to the complete structure, including the production stages. IRT Jules Verne modelling and simulation specialists work in particular on modelling the behaviour of materials, whether metals or composites. The team is also interested in different digital approaches such as optimisation, model reduction methods and probabilistic approaches that take account of process uncertainties.


Simulation of metal and composites processes

IRT Jules Verne is interested in composites and metal materials and structures as well as the various associated implementation processes. The Modelling and Simulation team therefore actively works on providing powerful tools to predict the behaviour of these materials and it must deal with several distinct areas of physics: mechanical, thermal, chemical, and so on. The end goal is performance in terms of both predictive quality of the models and computing time.


Cross-fertilization with other areas of IRT Jules Verne expertise

Modelling and simulation occupy a central place among the problems encountered in the development of innovative composites and metal processes. The engineers and doctors in the team work alongside specialists in the other areas of expertise at IRT Jules Verne to provide manufacturers with comprehensive solutions.


Our areas of expertise

  • Modelling and simulation of material forming processes
  • Modelling and simulation of structures under operating conditions
  • Stochastic modelling and simulation of structures and processes
  • Digital product/process coupling


Our services and applications

  • Validation and sizing of structures
  • Accompanying through simulation of new process roll-out
  • Digital optimisation of existing processes


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