Robotics, cobotics and augmented reality are important drivers of competitiveness for manufacturers. The goal of IRT Jules Verne is to adapt major scientific innovations in a complex industrial environment in order to meet the challenges of production rate and performance.

Developing production support tools

The multi-disciplinary credentials of the robotics, cobotics and augmented reality team enable the development of innovative technologies and a wide range of production assistance tools that can be rapidly deployed at factory level. Researchers rely on a robotics and cobotics research platform, the Robotics Lab, together with its network of strategic partners (INRIA, CNRS, Europe Technologies, and Clarté, among others).

Taking into account the constraints of manufacturers

IRT Jules Verne develops its own technological bricks and integrates those from academic and manufacturing environments to deliver robotics and cobotics demonstrators and augmented reality solutions tailored to the needs of manufacturers. These specific tools take into account the constraints of robustness, production rates and ergonomics within an industry where flexibility and intelligent methods are the order of the day.

Working in collaboration with other IRT Jules Verne experts

The research team dedicated to robotics, cobotics and augmented reality is made up of engineers and doctors. It works in close collaboration with metal and composites process teams as well as simulation and characterisation teams to provide a comprehensive solution for manufacturers.


Our areas of expertise

  • Perception and navigation of mobile robots in industrial environments
  • Safety of operator-robot co-activity: avoidance of dynamic obstacles
  • Multi-sensor referenced control: automatic recalibration of robots according to applications
  • Specific Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) for operators incorporating data from digital models
  • Solution involving integration of the digital model into the production process via augmented reality
  • Parallel robotics with reconfigurable cable connections in industrial environments


Our services and applications

  • Drawing up of specifications and technical requirements
  • Feasibility studies and proof of concept
  • System design and integration
  • Development of prototypes and industrial demonstrators
  • Optimisation of existing systems


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