📢 With no fewer than 19 projects for 2020 won, the IRT Jules Verne is staying the course and maintaining its position as a key player in the European research landscape.

The European UPBEAT project, which was launched on 1 May, aims to create new methods and tools for quantifying uncertainties in order to produce safer and more innovative aircraft structures and engines, while reducing uncertainties in cycle times. The project focuses on hybrid metal-composite engine parts which have the advantage of being light, durable and affordable.

The objectives

👉 Improve understanding of the process, structure, properties and performance with a focus on safety.
👉 Advance process models (additive manufacturing & carbon fibre reinforced polymers) for planning and optimisation.
👉 Develop verification and validation using multi-scale models.
👉 Integrate UQ into design, materials, manufacturing, qualification and certification
👉 Demonstrating the technologies developed in UPBEAT using a complex aviation use case.


💰 Budget: €3.9m, including €699.5k for IRT Jules Verne
📆 Duration: 42 months


Partners : PHI-MECA ENGINEERING, SINTEF Manufacturing (NO), SINTEF AS Norway Affiliated (NO), GKN Aerospace Sweden AB (SE), Aerobase Innovations AB (SE) et RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (SE