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Since its inception, IRT Jules Verne has set itself the goal of involving innovative SMEs in its research projects and supporting them in their development. Thus, in 2017, IRT Jules Verne partnered with the EMC2 competitiveness cluster to create “Accès PME” (SME Access), a programme created especially for such companies and aimed at accompanying the emergence and structuring of an innovation project and its orientation towards the most suitable support system. The first results were on schedule in 2018, with the launch of FARAMIR, the first R&D project conducted by IRT Jules Verne to come out of the Accès PME programme.




FARAMIR, the first “Accès PME” project

Bringing together two partners from the Grand Ouest region, Loiretech (SME) and Axiome (end-user), the FARAMIR project concerns the development of an innovative process based on hybridization of mineral additive manufacturing and vacuum impregnation of 3D preforms. The process will directly yield tools with characteristics equivalent to those made with modelling boards as well as the creation of other functional parts. Launched in May 2018 for a duration of 3 years, the project focuses on the automotive sector and incorporates innovative features designed to reduce the number of steps in the manufacture of complex and hollow parts, with integration of functions and hybridization processes, resulting in reduced raw material costs and manufacturing times.




“For Loiretech, whose collaboration with IRT Jules Verne goes back a long way, Accès PME is a real springboard for realizing the complex developments that we are not able to carry out on our own, and which enable us to remain competitive in the market. This arrangement gives us access to all the expertise on hand at IRT Jules Verne in order to produce an innovative process that meets the specific needs of our client. The small consortium within the FARAMIR project is also an asset to us and allows us to quickly benefit from concrete results. Accès PME in a nutshell? Agility, speed and results!”


Franck Bourcier, Director of Marketing and Innovation at Loiretech





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