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One month has passed since the close of ROSCon France 2024. The annual event, which took place from June 17 to 20, was sold out and brought together the French-speaking open-source robotics community for 4 days of exchanges, workshops and technical and scientific conferences around ROS.     In figures 160 face-to-face and live participants, […]

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ECCM21 It’s over… but what a week for IRT Jules Verne

The IRT Jules Verne is proud to have been involved in this 21st European Conference on #composite #materials, which took place this week in Nantes. The event, which brought together more than 1,300 researchers and industrialists, was an opportunity for our teams to showcase their expertise in the field, present some projects currently under development […]

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IRT Jules Verne invited by the European Commission to present two European projects at a workshop on advanced materials

On Thursday 6 June, the European Commission (HaDEA) has invited several EU-funded projects on advanced, lightweight and recycled materials to present their activities, results and challenges. Among them, SUSPENS is presented by Mehdi Marin as coordinator, and FOREST, another project in which IRT Jules Verne is involved were highlighted during this event.   The aim […]

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IRT Jules Verne wins a new European project: UPBEAT!

📢 With no fewer than 19 projects for 2020 won, the IRT Jules Verne is staying the course and maintaining its position as a key player in the European research landscape. The European UPBEAT project, which was launched on 1 May, aims to create new methods and tools for quantifying uncertainties in order to produce […]

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European CARBO4POWER project : IRT Jules Verne has just completed the infusion of the two half-blades of the full-scale tidal

📢 IRT Jules Verne has just completed the infusion of the two half-blades of the full-scale tidal demonstrator using CIDETEC’s 3R resin and based on process simulations by ITA INNOVA.   The next steps include the manufacturing of the spars and the assembly, followed by the transfer of all the demonstrators to the IRT’s mechanical […]

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Launch of MAXIMA Project

IRT Jules Verne, AIRBUS and DAHER have just launched the MAXIMA (Multi AXIal Material Additive) project for a period of 30 months.   Today, the use of extrusion additive manufacturing is limited to materials whose transformation temperatures and chemical properties render them easy to process. However, their poor mechanical properties limit their fields of application, […]

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AIRBUS is setting up at IRT Jules Verne for 2 days

It is with immense pleasure that we hosted Airbus’ annual “Airframe & Industrial Technology Centers” conference at Nautilus on January 30th and 31st!   Gathering of excellence: Over 180 participants from Airbus R&T and 11 technocenters specializing in key areas such as additive manufacturing, composite and metallic processes, robotics, and digital co-design and manufacturing contributed […]

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The European Project FIBRE4YARDS Redefines the Shipbuilding Industry with Next-Generation Composite Technologies

Nantes, France – 20th decembre 2023   After 3 years of collaborative development, the European project FIBRE4YARDS proudly announces its results at its closure this week. This collaborative project, dedicated to the use of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) in shipbuilding using Industry 4.0 concepts, involves 13 partners from 6 European countries. Focused on optimizing production costs […]

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ZEBRA Consortium Unveils Second Recyclable Wind Turbine Blade, Advances Sustainability in Wind Energy

Castellón, December 14th 2023   The ZEBRA (Zero wastE Blade ReseArch) consortium today announces the successful completion of the full scale validation testing of the first recycable blade and production of the second recyclable thermoplastic blade, further advancing the wind industry’s commitment to achieving a circular economy. The second blade, measuring 77 m in length, […]

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