We are pleased to release the initial video of the FIBRE4YARDS project !



About the project

FIBRE4YARDS focuses on the entire production chain and promotes collaborative work among all types of shipyards and ancillary industries through a digital environment in which they work in a coordinated and automated way to optimise processes and improve quality.


Watch the video to understand how the project partners are making this happen!



Our work within the project

Within the frame of the FIBRE4YARDS project, IRT Jules Verne is involved in 2 Work Packages as Task Leader:

  • Accoustic damping: in order to reduce the vibrations of composite panels of FRP vessels and thus the environmental impact of maritime traffic, IRT Jules Verne will work with Naval Group and TSI on the design of Acoustic Black Holes (ABH) to introduce structural damping and therefore reduce sound radiation of composite panels.
  • Testing of composite demonstrators: IRT Jules Verne will carry out mechanical tests of composite panels that will be produced and supplied by Naval Group. in order to do so, IRT Jules Verne will use its unique multi-axial test facilty to assess the mechanical behavior of such demonstrators.


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