The Jules Verne Institute strengthens its position in European Research: after having submitted 19 European proposals in 2020 (9 in 2019), the institute has won six of them (two in 2019) for a budget of 1.5 million euros (0.85 M€ in 2019). Over the last three years, Jules Verne has reached out an average of 27% success rate, which is more than two times the European average.


We have reached our objective, since we targeted an increase in activity this year with the submission of 20 application files per year in order to obtain at least 3 of them,” details Stéphane Cassereau, CEO, Jules Verne Institute. The Institute’s technical expertise is widely recognised by the different consortia of the projects, in the
areas of additive manufacturing, robotics, composite and metallic materials processes, modelling,
simulation and characterization.


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