Nowadays, CDPRs have not yet penetrated the industry. The fact that they can span such large workspaces is a major reason not to install them, since those large areas are to become safeguarded inaccessible zones.


ROCABLE addresses safety issues specific to CDPRs and aims to develop guidelines and tests leading towards CDPRs sharing a part of their workspace with human operators. ROCABLE will identify the relevant standards and directives to use CDPRs co-existing with human operators; develop safety-related software/hardware to manage the CDPR emergency stop.


CDPRs have the potential to open new market segments: they’re energy efficient and relatively cheap with a large workspace and they can take advantage of the free volumes above 2m in factories. We selected two novel CDPR industrial applications with very high potential to market as long as safety solutions are validated: CDPR for logistics and CDPR for inspection.




EUROPEAN FLAG This project has received funding from
European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and
innovation programme /COVR programme
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